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 It's official! As the second wild card has been assigned to Italy (ranked 13th in the Europe selection), the 24 countries that will compete for the very desired trophy are now all known. If most of the teams are used to participating at the Bocuse d’Or final, the 2013 edition will welcome three very promising new participants: Morocco, Sri Lanka, and Hungary.

The 24 qualified are:


Australia France Netherlands
Belgium Guatemala Norway
Brazil Hungary Singapore
Canada Iceland
Sri Lanka
China Italy Sweden
Denmark Japan Suisse
United Kingdom



The 24 remaining candidates will need to demonstrate their creativity and spontaneity to take up the new challenge proposed by the International Organizing Committee. Changing the rules and regulations, moving lines... These are the creeds of the new test. The 24 finalists will need to fully understand this new competitive environment, to win this precious prize.

Will Europe still dominate the contest this year? Will Guatemala confirm its fine skills showed at the Copa Azteca? Will Japan respond to the hopes of their supporters?  Will the United States engrave their name on the honours list? How will the three new countries (Morocco, Sri Lanka, and Hungary) come up to the mark? Which team will master the new test? There are so many unanswered questions.

We shall have to wait until January 30th, 2013 to get all the answers.